East African Community Competition Authority holds capacity building activities on implementation of Competition Policy and integration of the Democratic Republic of Congo

  • EACA
  • Aug 23, 2023

The East African Community Competition Authority (EACCA) organized capacity building workshops on regional competition policy aimed at integrating various stakeholders in the DRC into EAC. The Deputy Prime Minister in charge of the National Economy, Hon. Vital Kamerhe received the delegation from EACCA led by the Registrar, Ms. Lilian Kajuju Mukoronia.

The Deputy Prime Minister welcomed the delegation to Kinshasa and observed that the interests and destinies of the African countries are interlinked hence the need to work for cooperation in order to promote economic development for all. He affirmed that Competition policy was important in that it creates a conducive environment for the investors in the East African Community. He called for strengthening cooperation between the EAC countries in a climate of peace for the benefit of East Africans. On her part, the Registrar affirmed that her mission was part of the process of integrating the DRC into the Organs and Institutions of the EAC. 

The EACCA team also interacted with officials from the Commission Nationale de la Concurrrence (CONAC), the National Competition Authority of The Democratic Republic of Congo led by its Coordinator, Mr. NSIMBA LUZOLO Freddy, government agencies and other stakeholders. The theme of the workshop was "Implementation of the joint competition policy between the EACCA and the Democratic Republic of Congo". Discussions focused on status of implementation of competition policy, objectives and prospects of the relevant institutions. 

At the end of the workshop, the parties agreed inter alia on the following:

  1. Improve communications between the two organizations and DRC to provide a focal liaison person with EACCA on competition matters;
  2. Continue capacity building and the dissemination of legal instruments;
  3. Continue discussions between the two parties with a view to formalizing the operational framework for collaboration between the two structures to facilitate exchange of information and sharing of experiences.

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